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• 8/6/2014


I was thinking about restructruring the "main" parts of the wiki, combining a few pages and such. I've tweaked the main header a bit, and thinking of moving some content around as well, so that we have the following:

Game Info: Includes the parts about how the game works, mechanics etc, as well as play modes (Skirmish, Multiplayer, Campaign), and difficulties.

Cards: Make this page mainly about how cards work, and not just a listing of cards. move the info from packs, upgrades into here, and make a short list of cards for each faction, with a link to the faction for more detailed information.

What do people think?

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• 8/6/2014
Sounds good to me. Although I see Listrata's campaign has been added to the tab. I'd rather it just say "Campaign". Though I guess that's something we can worry about once more campaigns for other factions come out.
• 8/7/2014

I've started on the Cards page, there's still some left to do though. The front page needs some work as well.

• 8/12/2014

I create the Game Mechanics page, consolidated info from a few sources, and added a lot of new text. Still some content missing, but good enough to be published now.

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