Faction IconMetrisSymbol Metris
Cost 3/2/1
Life Life
Abilities On play: restock poison

On turn: fully heal allies
50%: Destroy when killed

Rarity RarityGem4

I don't care how you got those wounds, I tend to the hurt, no questions asked.

–Marta Wyncke

Update History Edit

  • 2014-07-09: Metris allies now have a 50% chance to save from being destroyed
  • 2014-07-09: Restocks a random poison, even if you don't have any in your deck
  • 2014-07-09: Heals allies instead of saving destroyed allies
  • 2014-06-11: No longer heals, but has a 50% chance to save destroyed allies
  • 2014-06-11: Reduced cost by 1 (to 3)

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