There are 10 coins in each deck by default, which are initially Ducats when playing as Vespitole or Metris, Tauris when playing as Daramek, and Dinars when playing as Endazu. Despite the different names and looks, they all serve the same purpose and have the same value across all factions. Each player starts with 4 coins in hand, and the rest form the base of the deck.

Special CoinsEdit

There are 13 special coins in the game, each with a special unique effect. One coin is exclusive to Kickstarter backers, one is gained from the Tournament, while the others are available in card packs as Epic quality cards. These can be used to replace your 10 default coins, and if you collect multiples of a single coin it can be used that many times.

Coin Chance Effect
Bantling Crown 22% Attack Weakest
Champion's Paiza* 10% Restock any card
Cross and Pile 20% +1 Random Resource
Diviner Charms 12% Draw a Card
Fecund Charm 12% Summon Argoreth Flower
Ferryman's Toll 20% +1 Iconskull
Fool's Geld 20% Foe Loses 1 Resource
Humble Offering** 20% Summon Cattle
Obol Cornocuopia 20% +1 Iconfood2
Patron's Pledge*** 20% Transform into an ally, then +1 gold/turn
Serpent's Seal 24% Feed hero Iconmagic
Swindler's Mark 12% Steal a Resource
Vicar Doubloon 20% +1 Icongoldcoin
Wergeld Seax 15% Summon Berserkr
Wishing Coin 18% +1 Iconmagic
Graveline Drachm 8%

Restock Fireship

(*) Awarded from leveling a Tournament Hero to 28 (**) Humble Bundle coin (***) Kickstarter coin