Herd of Aurochs
Faction IconDaramekSymbol Daramek
Cost 13/12/11
Life LifeLifeLifeLifeLife
Abilities On turn: attack x5

When life reduced to 0, 50% chance: return to hand

Rarity RarityGem3

Graze not on grass this day, for your horns will rake the sky, and your rumen will boil with blood!


Update History Edit

  • 2014-07-09: Increased cost of by 1 (to 13)
  • 2014-07-02: Now only returns to hand if life reduced to 0
  • 2014-06-26: All of the Daramek Herd cards have been revised
  • 2014-06-26: Name changed from War Oxen

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