Faction IconVespitoleSymbol Vespitole
Cost 13/12/11
Life -
Abilities Draw a card

For each Iconskull: +1 Icongoldcoin

Rarity RarityGem3

A law is only as fair as the men who interpret it. Men with desires, fears, ambitions and secrets.


Strategy Edit

This card is mainly used in decks with Sofocatro. It is important to note that you still keep all your Iconskull after getting the Icongoldcoin, making it worthwhile to combo it with Bounty, giving you as many free attacks as your Iconskull while still keeping all of them intact. A downside of this card is that it's full effect is achieved when you preserve a maximal amount of Iconskull, thus expanding a minimal amount of them - which can be hard to do when trying to maintain board control. Using Malediction is usually the easiest way to preserve the Iconskull vs swarm deck opponents.

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