Crafting is a way to upgrade cards without finding them in Packs.

Ingots Edit

You gain Ingots from playing games and picking cards you already have in packs.

Game Ingots
Win Loss
Neophyte 0 0
Apprentice 1 0
Journeyman 5 0
Master 10 0
Grandmaster 20 0
Multiplayer 30 5
Card Ingots Faction XP
RarityGem1 5 25
RarityGem2 20 150
RarityGem3 100 800
RarityGem4 400 7500

Crafting Edit

Crafting is available from the main menu, and lets you browse your cards per faction. Ingots can be used to improve a card's level, just as if it was picked in a pack. Note that the ingot cost is per pick, and cards needs several picks to be improved. It's not possible to craft new cards, or improve Hero-cards.

Card Cost
RarityGem1 20
RarityGem2 80
RarityGem3 300
RarityGem4 1000