An image of 4 heroes from the factions in their alternate skins left to right: Babarus, Birondelle, Jesmai, Sofocatro

War of Omens has 4 distinct factions with different gameplay. Vespitole, the Daramek and Metris were available at launch, while the Endazu were added in a later patch. Each faction has it's own unique set of available cards.


The android poster, featuring the cards Infighting Goat Outrider and Holy Wrath

Vespitole Edit

The Vespitole are a vast empire of merchants, warriors, tradesmen, aristocrats and mystics that seek to control all of Ausonia.They have two different main mechanics; controlling an army of various allies, and using instant card effects and cycling

Daramek Edit

The Daramek hit hard and rely on animal sacrifices to fuel their actions. The Daramek may seem weak at first, marshaling multiple, low-impact minions like rats, pigs and goats, but rather than use these minions for offence, the Daramek wait for their destruction, using their deaths to fuel much more powerful cards. They may also rely on flooding boards with such weak allies, slowly generating various resources until it all comes to end with a stampede.

Metris Edit

The Metris is the remnant of an ancient society, now all but extinct. Their homeland is destroyed and forgotten, making knowledge of their ancestry the Metris' most coveted secret. Mechanically, they are mostly about using one-shot effects (almost all of their cards are destroyed upon use) that hurt their foes either directly or indirectly, however they also have a few particular allies, benefit from taking control of their opponent's deck and utilise poison cards.

Endazu Edit

The Endazu is a legendary congregation of adept magi built on foundations of arcane magic. This autonomous group of mystical individuals, rooted into the history of Ausonia, resides in an ancient palatial city among the desert mountains of south Dalmiria. It is from them that age-long myths of terror and mystery originate. Mechanically, they are about generating magic, charging up cards by keeping them in hand, and using magic to fuel effects. They also have a number of interesting allies, which primarily focus on generating magic, or doing vast quantaties of damage after being fueled by health, or charges