Goat Poultice
Faction IconDaramekSymbol Daramek
Cost 4/3/2
Life -
Abilities Restock Herd of Goats

Draw Herd of Goats
Activate all goats

Rarity RarityGem3

Soothe the animal until it willingly gives you its cud, which must immediately be put into the still-warm milk from its own mother. Mix it with a dying man's dung until it becomes a thick, sticky paste.


Update History Edit

  • 2014-08-13: Now draws a Herd of Goats, and activates all goats instead of +1 resource per goat
  • 2014-07-09: Now restocks a Herd of Goats even if none are in deck
  • 2014-06-26: All of the Daramek Herd cards have been revised
  • Card available at release

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