To master a trade one must do more than study. Stonemasons must work the rock. Farriers must work the forge. So it is also with war. Let us go and hone our craft.

Regent Marsh

An incentive modeled after one of the kickstarter backers at the “Villain” level. This character is only playable, outside of campaign mode, for the person it is modeled after. There is no other way to obtain this hero.


Not much is known about Regent Marsh. But after the death of Captain Listrata's parents and the loss of her land. He is known to speak for the houses that want to remain neutral to the war.

Card InfoEdit

Whenever an you feed an ally, there is a 50% chance to attack your foe. He appears as a "villian" in campaign mode, but it remains unclear as to whose side he is really on.

He currently has no "Hero" card.

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