Shrine of Rebirth
Faction IconDaramekSymbol Daramek
Cost 6/5/4
Life Life
Abilities When you discard a card, 10% chance: It returns to your hand
Rarity RarityGem6


All things die so that their flesh may feed the young.


Shrine of Rebirth is Babarus' hero card. Its effect is 10% chance on discarding a card: that card returns to your hand. Multiple copies of shrine of rebirth stack exponentially. The equation to figure out odds is 1-(0.90^n) where n= the number of shrines in play on your side of the field. Metris heroes beware, your opponent's shrines can save cards of theirs that you have borrowed.

Potentially one of the most game changing cards in Daramek, if this is your faction of choice this is definitely a card you want to get.

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