Tournament entry

Tournaments are form of multiplayer content that awards players based on how well they play. A tournament lasts for 8 games, or untill you have incurred 3 losses.

Entering a Tournament Edit

Tournament Tickets

To enter a tournament, a draft ticket is required. These are rewarded from the first Daily Quest you complete each day, or be purchased for 1 IconWoOGem. You will also earn tickets as your draft heroes gain levels after level 7.

Drafting a deck Edit


Tournaments are played with a special draft deck that you construct after entering the tournament. You select a hero and 10 cards, from 4 different packs.

Hero Pack Edit

The hero pack contains special draft heroes, most of which are villains from the campaign. These have levels like regular heroes, but can't be played outside of a tournament. When a draft hero gains a level, you will silver and after level 7 a draft ticket, whereas upon reaching level 28 you will earn the special coin Champion's Paiza.

Name Ability
Brigand Lucca On turn: Steal 1 resource
Countess Aline Allies activate on death
Doge Monteferro +1 restock
Dowager Anibaldo Starts with 10 epic coins. Epic coins have: 3x chance to activate
Sang Ashkar Each turn: +1 magic.
Shofet-Daru +1 draw per turn
+1 hand size

Each turn: +1 skull

Hero ignores intercept

Vexillius III When an enemy attacks; +1 gold

Card Packs Edit

You receive 10 packs of cards in total; 4 with a selection of 4 cards, and 3 each with a selecition of 5 and 6 cards. These can contain any card except heroes and coins, but including Hero-cards. The first card you pick is always max level; cards can appear multiple times, but if you select a card more than once it will be of a lower level, similar to how you build normal decks.

If you are not satisfied with the cards you drafted, you can pay 1000 IconWoOCoin to redraft. (Repeatable, but costs 5000 IconWoOCoin the second time.)

Rewards Edit

Every win gives you 400 IconWoOCoin and 400 XP war of omens and 40 Ingot war of omens, losing gives you 50 IconWoOCoin and 50 XP war of omens and 5 Ingot war of omens.

You also gain prizes at the end of the tournament based on how many games you've won:

Wins Reward
0-2 Oak pack
3-4 Silver pack
5 Gold pack

Gold pack

Choice of 1 card from draft deck


Draft ticket

Gold pack

Choice of 1 card from draft deck


Draft ticket

Gold pack

Choice of 2 cards from draft deck