• Tarkeel

    I thought I'd share the Raktaba'an deck I've been using lately.

    • Behold the Veil upgraded
    • Argoreth Flower upgraded
    • Halting Rebuke upgraded
    • Gilded Scribes upgraded

    • Behold the Veil maxed
    • Argoreth Flower maxed
    • Halting Rebuke maxed
    • Gilded Scribes maxed
    • Hedge Guardian

    • 2xBehold the Veil
    • 2xArgoreth Flower
    • 2xHalting Rebuke
    • 2xGilded Scribes
    • 2 free slots

    Some suggestions:

    • Hedge Guardian - Tank that spawns flowers. What's not to like?
    • Song of Spring - More magic generation, with more meat. Let the scribes charge it.
    • Word of Unmaking - Annihilate the main threats, or remove your own coins.
    • Unstable Runes / Grave Contract / Paper Vipers - More efficient conversion of magic-to-damage, at the cost of targeting.

    The strategy for this deck is very simple: Generate , and use it …

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