I thought I'd share the Raktaba'an deck I've been using lately.




The Deck:

Free slots:

Some suggestions:


The strategy for this deck is very simple: Generate Iconmagic, and use it to kill the opposing hero.

Win Conditions

  • Direct Iconmagic-nuke on foe.
  • Depending on free slots, overwhelm with summoned creatures.


  • Start with judging your opponents start; how likely are they to be able to kill your initial Flowers and Scribes?
  • Buy any 2-cost Behold the Veil, and play it (unless very rare circumstances give you nothing better to hold)
  • Buy Gilded Scribes, Halting Rebuke, and/or Argoreth Flower in that order of priority. Charge the first Scribe to 3 IconChargeCounter (unless another one is available the next turn) before playing. The goal is to have one Scribe up behind a Rebuke, and use that to charge new Flowers and Scribes.


  • The costs in this deck are very low, so you shouldn't be afraid to charge 2 (or even 3, if they are the correct cards) at the start.
  • Later on, when your Scribes are at work, you're better off playing new Flowers and Scribes instead of charging them in hand.
  • Buy Behold the Veil whenever you can; at 2-cost it is a straight conversion Icongoldcoin-to-Iconmagic; at 3-cost you need to charge it for one turn to return the investment immediately. However, whenever you redraw them instead of a coin, you gain big.

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