• TheDapperThylacine

    Our current template for cards is very unappealing and basic. Luckily, XtinaS has shown us another template called CardInfo. This is a guide for beginners on how to make a card page using this template and how it should look at the end.

    1. Either create a new page or edit an existing page with the old format with the classic editor.
    2. Make sure you have all the info written down somewhere and a picture. To see how to obtain a 345x512 image, please take a look at my previous post . Make sure you upload the card to this wiki first.
    3. Make sure the page is blank, but save any info if there was any. Click "add other templates " in the lower right corner of the editor. Then type in CardInfo and click on "Template:CardInfo" and insert it.
    4. This window shoul…
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  • TheDapperThylacine

    Camarila was kind enough to provide the pictures for almost every single card. While that took a lot of work and I am thankful for her doing that, there is a better way to do it that will yield the highest quality possible and is much easier. I'm sorry _ but we will have to replace all the pics you uploaded :(

    So here's how to do it:

    1. Find the name of the card you want to get a photo for. For this example we will use the Misinformation card.
    2. Go to
    3. Change the name before the after the "512x512/" and before the ".png" to the name of your card. So for out example, the new link will be
    4. After you have…
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