Our current template for cards is very unappealing and basic. Luckily, XtinaS has shown us another template called CardInfo. This is a guide for beginners on how to make a card page using this template and how it should look at the end.

  1. Either create a new page or edit an existing page with the old format with the classic editor.
  2. Make sure you have all the info written down somewhere and a picture. To see how to obtain a 345x512 image, please take a look at my previous post . Make sure you upload the card to this wiki first.
  3. Make sure the page is blank, but save any info if there was any. Click "add other templates " in the lower right corner of the editor. Then type in CardInfo and click on "Template:CardInfo" and insert it.
  4. This window should pop up. Fill out all the info. For the image box, type the name of the picture you uploaded. Don't forget the .png at the end. 
  5. Once you're done click preview to see if everything looks okay. If it does, then click ok.
  6. You should have a little green puzzle piece now. Please highlight it and click the Align Right button on the bar on top. This makes sure there isn't any wierd spaces.
  7. Now you need to type up a little info about the card like what common decks it's used in or little trivia. Make sure you type it on a line under the green puzzle piece and that your text is aligned left. If you don't know what to type just leave it blank. Eventually, we'll need to add all that to these pages.
  8. Make sure you add all the categories too. All cards pages should have the "Cards" catergory, their rarity category, their faction category, and their sub-faction card type category. So each Card Page should have 4 categories.

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