Faction IconVespitoleSymbol Vespitole
Cost 5/4/3
Life 4 turns
Abilities Draw a card

Foe gains 6Icongoldcoin
On turn: foe pays you 2Icongoldcoin

Rarity RarityGem3

It is known as interest to those that intend to repay, and usury to those that don't.

Monteferro Siani

Notes Edit

Usury is a card that is used for resource denial, particularly useful in skirmishes and the campaign. It is often chained with Embargo or Bureaucrat to insure that as little gold as possible is given to opponents. It can also be utilised to setup for an infinite, not only denying the opponent resources to buy cards which may threaten the infinite while also providing a steady gold income.

Update History Edit

  • 2014-07-30: Card released