Word of Unmaking
Faction IconEndazuSymbol Endazu
Cost 6/5/4
Life 0/3 IconChargeCounter
Abilities On hold: +1 IconChargeCounter

Can only be played at 3 IconChargeCounter
On play: Destroy any card

Rarity RarityGem3

The word was no mere utterance from the mouth of man. It resounded, pulsed in my mind, my skin, and even the earth and sky shuddered for a time. The Word of Unmaking tears something right out of our world, like cutting a stained spot from a cloak, and then mends it back until you can never detect the hole was ever there.

The Chronicon Endazui

Strategy Edit

This card can target any other card, including cards in the bank or in hand.

Update History Edit

  • 2014-06-13: Card released

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